CAWS North Dakota launches anti- bullying / anti-harassment campaign

This month CAWS North Dakota is releasing a new statewide awareness campaign targeting middle school and high school students in North Dakota. Focusing on role modeling, this anti-bullying and anti-harassment public service announcement campaign addresses destructive behaviors common to young men including: gender-based harassment, teasing, bullying and cyber-bullying.


The campaign, called “Young Men of Strength” (YMOST), was produced in cooperation with Men Can Stop Rape and funded by the Verizon Foundation. On Wednesday, October 7 the Youth Commission in Grand Forks will meet at Grand Forks City Hall with campaign organizers, Safer Tomorrows and the Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC) to discuss the impact of the campaign and provide feedback.


The free posters and palm cards will be distributed to schools across the state. Educators and community youth groups are encouraged to use the campaign materials to begin the conversations about bullying and harassment.


“This campaign is a step toward encouraging a shift in the attitudes and culture of youth today. The positive messages portrayed in the posters and palm cards encourage young men to take proactive steps towards addressing harassment and bullying that many North Dakota kids experience every day,” said CAWS North Dakota’s Executive Director Janelle Moos.


Eye catching and innovative posters and palm cards encourage young men to take action when their peers harass and bully. Scenarios include young men’s involvement in bystander intervention behavior and features custom photography from around the state of North Dakota. YMOST engages students through positive messaging, identity-building, action recommendations, performable actions, healthy masculinity and messaging that identifies benefits to the individual.


Men Can Stop Rape is the leading national organization mobilizing boys and men to prevent violence against women utilizing a proven curriculum, awareness campaigns, prevention and intervention trainings and programming, Men Can Stop Rape is engaging men and boys to build safer and healthier communities. For more information about Men Can Stop Rape, visit





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