Women's Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The Women’s Opportunity Scholarship Fund provides higher education opportunities to low-income women who wish to enter, or are currently attending, a North Dakota college, university, or trade school. The fund assists scholarship recipients in a number of ways. It helps them to break the bonds of poverty and enhance their lives and the lives of their families intellectually, culturally and environmentally.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:

  1. Be low income according to federal poverty guidelines;
  2. Be current residents of North Dakota;
  3. And plan to attend a North Dakota college, university or trade school (certain exceptions may be made for those living on North Dakota borders).


Applications are accepted every March 29th through June 15th. Awards are announced in mid-August. Click here to download a 2024 application.


To find out how you can make donations to the Women’s Opportunity Scholarship Fund click here.

For more information, contact Dana Mees

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