March Month: Women's History Month, Gender Equality Month; Weeks: National Sleep Awareness Week - First Week; Days: International Women's Day - March 8, International Day of Happiness - March 20, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - March 21, World Water Day - March 22; April Month: Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Alcohol and Drug Awareness Month, National STD Awareness Month; Weeks: Week of the Young Child - First Week, National Youth Violence Prevention Week - First week; Days: World Health Day - April 7, Earth Day - April 22, Holocaust Remembrance Day - April 28

May Month: National Mental Health Awareness Month, National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, Military Appreciation Month, Law Enforcement Appreciation Month; Weeks: National Women's Health Week - Second week; Days: World Red Cross Day - May 8, International Nurses Day - May 12, World Day for Cultural Diversity - May 21, National Missing Children's Day - May 25; June Month: LGBT Pride Month, Men's Health Month, National Safety Month; Weeks: National Men's Health Week - Second Week; Days: Global Day of Parents - June 1, International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression - June 4, World Environment Day - June 5, Elder Abuse Awareness Day


September Month: Suicide Prevention Month, National Addiction Recovery Month; Days: International Day of Charity - Sept 5, International Literacy Day - Sept 8, World Suicide Prevention Day - Sept 10, International Day of Peace - Sept 21; October Month: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, LGBTQ History Month, National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, National Bullying Prevention Month; Days: World Teacher's Day - Oct 5, SAVE Day - Oct 8 National Coming Out Day - Oct 11, International Day of the Girl Child - Oct 11, International Day of Rural Woman - Oct 15, World Food Day - Oct 16, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - Oct. 17

November Month: Native American Heritage Month; Days: Wold Science Day for Peace and Development - Nov 10, World Kindness Day - Nov 13, Intentional Day for Tolerance - Nov 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance - Nov 20, Universal Children's Day - Nov 20, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - Nov 25 (Start of 16 days Activism Against Gender Violence); December Month: Universal Human Rights Month, HIV/AIDS Awareness Month; Days: World AIDS Day - Dec 1, International Day of Persons with Disabilities - Dec 3, Human Rights Day - Dec 10 (end of 16 days)