Enhancing the System’s Response to Domestic Cases in North Dakota Training

ND Supreme Court in collaboration with National Council of Juvenile and Family Court (NCJFCJ) are excited to bring Enhancing the System’s Response to Domestic Cases in North Dakota Training.

 The training will be split into two sessions (see the attached invite too)

Monday, November 21 for judges and referees only – ND Capitol

Tuesday, November 22 for judges and multi-disciplinary professional – Radisson Inn, Bismarck

Deadline to register is November 1, 2016 – Limited space!

The training topics include:

  • Exercises to assess batterers behavior
  • Impact of violence on victims and children
  • Civil  and criminal systems’ response
  • Ethics
  • Decision-making regarding full faith and credit and ordering supervised visits and offender treatment

Recommended audience: district judges, justices, referee/magistrates, law students, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, advocates, socials services, child protective services, guardian ad litem, custody investigators,  parenting coordinator or mediator, offender treatment program staff, probation, juvenile court personnel, supervised visitation staff.

Continuing Education Credits are approved for the following:

  • Continuing Judicial Education
  • Social Work CEU’s
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • domestic-violence-training-invite-2

“This is not something we can ignore.”

A presidential candidate’s recent comments about sexually assaulting women exposes what needs to change in our culture in order to end sexual violence. Bragging or joking about sexual violence feeds into a culture where sexual assault is normalized and deemed acceptable. This concept is nothing new, by definition rape culture is the very idea of being surrounded by images, language and other occurrences that not only allows but justifies sexual violence. It means that we are continually being exposed to all forms of media and content that sexualizes and trivializes violence, especially toward women and girls.

To dismiss these comments as “locker room talk” is an insult to boys and men. CAWS North Dakota encourages nonviolent relationships and promotes social change. We echo First Lady Michelle Obama’s statement “This is not something we can ignore.”

The National Sexual Assault Hotline had a 33% increase in online sessions since the comments were aired. Sexual Assault affects all of us. Every two minutes someone becomes a victim of sexual assault in the United States.

We all can help prevent sexual violence. We need to let those in power, as well as those around us know that this is not acceptable. Stand up, intervene, say something when you hear “locker room talk.”