Applicants sought for Domestic Violence Crisis Center Executive Director Program





Responsible for the mission, vision, strategic direction, and overall operations of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, providing organizational leadership with an emphasis on growth of services and programs through fundraising and grants, public education and awareness, personnel and program management. Maintain client confidentiality in accordance with the laws of the State of North Dakota and consistent with the program personnel policies.





  • Responsible for budgeting, financial planning, allocation of funds, and fiscal management.
  • Oversee coordination of grant services, including but not limited too; grant applications, reports, reimbursement requests and data management.


  • Report to the board concerning program activities and client services, prepare written monthly statements to the board and assist the Executive committee in coordination/planning for board meetings.
  • Planning, execution, and control of the programs and services, and for implementing the goals outlined by the Board of Directors.
  • Administrative liaison between the staff and the Board of Directors and to provide representation of the staff at the Board and Committee meetings.
  • Acts as or delegates staff representation on Foundation Board
  • Acts as contract manager for the Family Crisis Center
  • Provide new board orientation


  • Responsible for the hiring, supervision, training, development, evaluation, and termination of staff in conjunction with supervisors.
  • Conducts regular staff meetings to keep the staff informed as to the progress of programs and to keep the lines of communication open.
  • Collect and approve time sheets of designated staff


  • Develop and maintain a process for regular program review with board, staff and clients: regularly review client forms and procedures with staff.
  • Evaluate and enhance DVCC’s programs based on client data, financial resources, staffing and community needs.
  • Act as contract manager for Family Crisis Center
  • Develop, implement, and maintain program procedures and handbook.


  • Be the primary representative of DVCC with the public by developing and maintaining contact with the community through public education and strategic networking.
  • Serve as DVCC’s official representative to the North Dakota Council on Abused Women’s Services, Coalition against Sexual Assault in North Dakota, and other relevant committees.
  • Develop and foster strong working relationships with government and community agencies, human services professionals, law enforcement, volunteers and other key constituents.
  • Responsible for all media resources and external communications.
  • Develop public awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking issues primarily in North Dakota, but also on a national level, and an awareness of the programs.
  • Research, development, and implementation of an annual operation budget and audit.





Requires a Bachelor’s degree in a Human Service related field with administration experience and at least 10 years’ experience in increasingly responsible roles in non-profit leadership. Master’s degree preferred. Must have demonstrated management, supervision, public relations, fundraising, and human service skills and experience. Understanding of and strong commitment to the mission, goals, and services of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center are essential.


The above responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature of work performed.  They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified.

Apply at:


DVCC Office

PO Box 881

Minot, ND 58702 Or

Closing Date: April 30.

National Network to End Domestic Violence releases annual statistics

For the 10th annual year, on September 16, 2015 the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) conducted a one-day unduplicated count of adults and children seeking domestic violence service in the United States. This census documents the number of individuals who sought services in a single 24-hour period.

On that day in North Dakota there were 14 unmet requests for services. Programs reported, that in addition to housing and emergency shelter, services they were unable to provide were legal representation and financial assistance.

“The demand for services remains steady. The need for safe, accessible emergency and long shelter for victims and their children has and will continue to be our priority. Without that many victims are left with two choices homelessness or staying in the violent relationship.” said Janelle Moos, CAWS North Dakota’s Executive Director.

In North Dakota there was 19 staff positions eliminated in the past year. All of these positions were direct services, such as shelter or legal advocates. In 2014, 11 staff positions were eliminated.

Across the country, there were 12,197 unmet requests for services on that day, of which 63% were for housing. The most frequently requested nonresidential services that could not be provided were housing advocacy, legal representation and financial assistance. This is an increase from last year’s 10,871 unmet requests for services.

According to NNEDV, the increased attention to domestic violence across the country has led to an increase in demand for victim services. At the same time, many of these programs are experiencing stagnant or reduced funding, which limits their ability to serve more victims.

“Victims and their children are the ones who suffer the consequences when services are not available, and often have no choice but to return to the abuse. Again and again in the Census responses, we read about a survivor who needed help but couldn’t get it. It is simply unacceptable for victims to be turned away at their time of greatest risk,” said Kim Gandy, NNEDV President and CEO.

In the 24-hour survey period in the United States there were 71,828 victims served and 21,332 local and state hotline calls answered by staff.

In North Dakota 300 victims were served on this day. A total of 129 domestic violence victims (65 children and 64 adults) found refuge in emergency shelters or transitional housing provided by local domestic violence programs. There were 171 adults and children who received non-residential assistance and services, including counseling, legal advocacy and children’s support groups, as well as 95 hotline calls answered.

According to NNEDV, out of 1,894 identified domestic violence programs in the United States 1,752 participated in the 2015 National Census of Domestic Violence Services. In North Dakota 20 out of 20 identified local domestic violence programs participated.
For more information about these statistics or the complete count, go to